Integrating Social Media with your Promo Products

It’s no secret that promotional products have been around for a long time! However, do you realize that social media has been a part of our lives now for over 10 years? With social media becoming more important to the landscape of business advertising every day, we wanted to look at some options to integrate [...]

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Top Five Promotional Products for the Summer

  Summer means cookouts, countless trips to the pool, and weekends at the lake. There are items that are a must for all of these activities which means it is a great opportunity to load people up with some swag promoting you and your company. Here are the five best promotional items for this summer [...]

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How promotional products integrate with digital marketing

Branded, promotional products are one of the oldest marketing tools around — so in a world captivated by everything digital, are they still relevant? In a word, absolutely. After all, even with the advent of the technology age, as humans, none of us live in a world that is entirely digital or entirely physical. Which [...]

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How to strategically choose the best promotional product for your business

American businesses spend an estimated $20 billion per year on branded promotional items, and odds are, your business is right in the mix of that. The idea of reciprocity is deeply engrained in our culture and many others, so it’s no wonder that promotional products are so popular — as humans, we’re wired to respond [...]

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How to Get the Best ROI Out of Your Event Marketing

Did you know that over 82% of people can remember a business name that they have seen on a promotional product in the past? Digital marketing may get all the attention these days, but as a recent infographic from NCC Home Learning reminds us, that doesn’t mean event marketing has lost it’s value. On the [...]

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New 2017 Promotional Products

We're Back from the Promotional Products Association International Show Last week we attended the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) show in exciting Las Vegas! The show brings together the leading retail lines, promotional products and apparel vendors from all over the world.  The main purpose is to review new products, learn about new trends and seek [...]

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Top 10 Most Wanted Promotional Products of 2016

We often get asked by our clients what it is their clients want. It’s always a fun process picking out the perfect branded items that your business will share with others; however, you want them to use your products. We’ve compiled a list of the most demanded products in 2016 to make your decision a [...]

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Thanking Your Employees

Being Thankful and Showing Appreciation It’s That Time of Year Again. We are flooded with reminders of what and who we should be thankful for. We know that we should be thankful for our health, our friends and most importantly our family. However, many times there are some pretty important people that we leave off this [...]

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Fall Favorites

The scorching hot weather has finally ended and we are left with 40% of Americans favorite season, Fall! A good business knows that capitalizing on what their clients, customers and future partners already like is the easiest way to bridge the gap to finding long-standing contacts. With this in mind, we have picked out some [...]

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Did you know…

US organizations spend over $100 billion annually on incentive programs?? However,  When asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement at work, 58% of respondents replied “give recognition”. (Tiny Pulse) The numbers don’t meet up and that can be very scary for employers that are trying to keep turnover numbers low. With turnover [...]

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