The scorching hot weather has finally ended and we are left with 40% of Americans favorite season, Fall!

A good business knows that capitalizing on what their clients, customers and future partners already like is the easiest way to bridge the gap to finding long-standing contacts. With this in mind, we have picked out some of our favorite FALL themed merchandise you can order to be branded with your logo and use to create a happy clientele with items they will be proud to use and share all while boasting your company logo!

Source – Ipsos Poll: Favorite Seasons



Fall means football and football means barbecue. Your clients are already inviting friends and family over for home-cooked brisket, wings, and hamburgers, why not let them impress their family with your own seasonings:




All of your competition is already handing out baseball caps to their clients and do you ever really see anyone wearing those hats?? Probably not! So why not give them something they want, that they will wear and in turn will help your following. These beanies are the perfect pairing of their favorite team and your logo. Kansas City Chiefs anyone?



Bistro Cups

Fall mornings can be a bit more bitter than the hot summers we have grown use to and for even those that aren’t already addicted to caffeine the mugs are beings used more than ever. We completely encourage you to take advantage of the fact that your clients are begging to have extra mugs around their homes and office. We have so many different styles to choose from, we know your business will find the perfect fit to your clients caffeine and warmth needs.



Stadium Blanket

Sports, sports and more sports. Fall is the time where your customers and clients are spending their weekends completely and totally obsessed with sporting events. Between shuffling between children’s games to tailgating events with their friends at the NFL games your clients are trying to stay warm all while cheering on their favorite team. Help them do that and don’t forget that 72,412 people on average attend a Kansas City Chiefs game. That’s a lot of potential people to see your logo!


Whatever your industry is we are confident we can help you find the perfect branded merchandise that will help your clients promote your business all while going about their everyday lives!