Branded, promotional products are one of the oldest marketing tools around — so in a world captivated by everything digital, are they still relevant?

In a word, absolutely. After all, even with the advent of the technology age, as humans, none of us live in a world that is entirely digital or entirely physical. Which is why, in so many cases, an integrated marketing approach is the most effective.

What is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing means utilizing a combination of marketing tactics, both offline and online, all unified by a single strategy. This approach strengthens message consistency and has the ability to hit our target audiences in the variety of places (or “channels”) where they live and work.

We’re a perfect example of this — a “traditional” promotional products company utilizing our website, blogging, email, and other digital channels to build relationships, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

Think about your typical workday: you likely have a commute to work, where you’re listening to the radio, then sit at a desk for most of the day, breaking it your work with meetings, lunch, a scroll or two through Facebook and Instagram, email, both professional and personal, chatting with coworkers, a commute home, more social media and digital time, and perhaps TV or Netflix. Maybe you’ll even read a magazine, and you’ll likely go through your mail.

All of those daily activities represent marketing channels, both online and offline: radio advertising, desk and work tools (calendars, thumb drives, notebooks, mugs, and pens), social media, email, word-of-mouth, TV, magazine ads, and direct mail. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We know that when it comes to marketing messaging, there is power in repetition — it takes several opportunities to make an impact. So it makes sense that a combination of tactics across a multitude of channels, unified by the same strategy, would be far more effective than, say, only focusing on email to reach a prospect.

That mix means that even in today’s digital marketing world, promotional products are as relevant — and effective — as ever.

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