Did you know that over 82% of people can remember a business name that they have seen on a promotional product in the past?

Digital marketing may get all the attention these days, but as a recent infographic from NCC Home Learning reminds us, that doesn’t mean event marketing has lost it’s value. On the contrary, with all the ads and content competing for your audience’s attention, it’s as important as ever to pair your digital marketing with in-person events. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 68% of B2B marketers use event marketing as one of their tactics.

It makes sense — event marketing is the perfect tactic to build brand awareness, align yourself with other companies in your industry, and showcase your products and brand personality, all while having invaluable face-to-face time with customers and prospects and collecting information from them.

So how can you make sure your next event gets you the best ROI?

By pairing your digital marketing with your event marketing, you’ll ensure prospects and clients have multiple opportunities to engage with you and build stronger relationships with your brand.

  1. Start with your event goals. Do you have a number of leads you want to acquire? Will this event strengthen brand awareness and equity? How does this fit in with your overall marketing strategy? Understanding your goals before you sign up for and attend or host an event will help you determine how you’ll measure ROI, as well as the tactics you’ll use at the event itself.
  2. Build an event page or website. Whether you’re creating a page that host information about your event and allows attendees to register, or you’re letting visitors to your site know where to find you, an event site is a crucial first step. Here’s where you’ll share details about when and where to find you, from your booth number to information about company representatives who will be speaking. It’s also the cornerstone of your digital pre-event promotion, as you can link back to your site with your info rather than the generic event website.
  3. Send pre- and post-event emails. Tap your network of clients and prospects and let them know you’ll be in attendance at the next industry event or tradeshow — and where to find you. You can even further incentivize them to stop by your booth by teasing a giveaway or client gift. Post-event, be sure to thank everyone who attended, especially new leads you collected. A quick follow-up after meeting them will keep you fresh in their minds.
  4. Promote on social media. Utilize both the event’s hashtag and your own, and share the link to your event page on your website. Try live-tweeting and sharing photos and videos during the event. Follow attendees using the hashtag. You can even prospect this way — see a company you want to do business with talking about attending? Reach out to them and see if you can’t set up a time to meet up while you’re both at the event.
  5. Prep your setup. Packaging is important — after all, your display will give the first impression of your brand to any event attendees, so make it a good one. What kind of space and technology do you have to work with? Make sure everything you have is branded and consistent. This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce some fun and valuable giveaway items — did you know that 82% of people are able to recall the name of a business when they’ve seen it on a promotional product? Try making an email or a business card a requirement for especially coveted items.

    If you aren’t sure which promotional products or giveaway items make the most sense for your business, just give us a call (913) 745-5921. Corporate Branding can help you make sure your brand is well represented for your next marketing event.