It’s no secret that promotional products have been around for a long time! However, do you realize that social media has been a part of our lives now for over 10 years?

With social media becoming more important to the landscape of business advertising every day, we wanted to look at some options to integrate your promotional products and social media campaigns.

Social Handles

Make sure that you include your social media address on all of your promotional products. This is easy to accomplish if all of your social media addresses fall under one name/handle.
Ex: @abccompany

Tease your promotional products on social

Get your audience excited for your next giveaway. Tease your giveaway to your social audience and watch them flock to your website and giveaway locations.

Use your social media audience to understand what your audience wants


Consider running surveys on social media to make your next promo product purchase. Giving your audience a choice of what they could receive will help with engagement as well as help guarantee that you are choosing a product that your clients will hold on to.

Both promotional product marketing and social media marketing are here to stay.  The quicker you give your clients a way to see how branding methods all work together the stronger your brand will be!