Summer means cookouts, countless trips to the pool, and weekends at the lake. There are items that are a must for all of these activities which means it is a great opportunity to load people up with some swag promoting you and your company. Here are the five best promotional items for this summer season.

Tote Bags

Trips to the pool include much more than throwing on your swimsuit, grabbing a towel and heading out the door. You have to make sure to pack your sunscreen, cell phone, wallet, car keys, and maybe even a snack and a drink. A tote bag featuring your company’s name is a perfect promotional item for the summer. Also, people never get rid of tote bags. They will get stored in a closet and brought out and packed with gifts for those holiday trips to see your family. When was the last time you threw away a tote bag? I am guessing the answer is never.

Sports bottles and tumblers

Summertime equals more time outside in the heat. Sports bottles and tumblers another easy promotional item to utilize this summer. They are very easy to transport are will get continued use beyond the summer. Many people keep tumblers or sports bottles in their office or on their desks at work. This product is one that everyone uses multiple times. This is not a one-time use product or something that is restricted to a specific setting or season.


No one throws away koozies….ever. Most people have a drawer in their kitchen solely dedicated to all of the koozies they have collected over the years and they get used constantly. Koozies never go out of style and become one of the more items during an outdoor cookout or on a float trip at the lake to make sure everyone’s beverages stay cool. Also, much like tumblers, they are very easy to transport and even easier to store.


This is one of those items people can never remember if they have enough of and the main one that is always forgotten at home. Portable sunscreen is a fantastic promotional item due to its small size and how convenient it is to store. Portable sunscreen can be clipped on someone’s keychain or they can store it in their car for those impromptu trips to the pool or the lake. The last thing your customers want it to walk around their office sunburned and in pain. This will help decrease the chances of that happening.



You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. Promotional sunglasses give you an opportunity to pick from various colors and hues including neon and florescent. Everyone using and loses sunglasses so giving your customers an extra pair for them to wear next time they are at the pool is a win-win for everyone.

Don’t miss your opportunity to outfit your customers with everything they need to enjoy their summer. Contact us today to place your order for these promotional products for summer and ensure you leave an impression on your customers.